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Arkansas Food Bank Network Of Programs

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Over the past 24 years we have identified niche needs within the hunger community and developed programs to address those needs:

In 2000, the Arkansas Foodbank Network, in conjunction with Feeding America, partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs to establish the Kids Cafe program. Kids Cafe is the nation's largest after school meal service and nutritional education program exclusively for children in need. Currently, the Foodbank serves more than 1,800 children each month in 16 Boys and Girls Clubs throughout central and southern Arkansas. That amounts to more than 15,000 meals each month! The program reaches some of the state’s most underprivileged kids and provides powerful tools for success in life. Mike Neuhofel, former Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Little Rock and North Little Rock says that Kids Cafe is "teaching kids life skills about eating healthy and choosing foods with nutritional value."

For more information, contact Pamela Bailey at (501) 565-8121 ext. 17 or

Kids Cafe Sites In Arkansas Foodbank Network Service Area:

  • Billy Mitchell Boys and Girls Club
  • Boys and Girls Club of Ashley County
  • Boys and Girls Club of Drew County
  • Boys and Girls Club of Hot Springs
  • Boys and Girls Club of Jefferson County
  • Boys and Girls Club of Malvern
  • Boys and Girls Club of Phillips County
  • Boys and Girls Club of Saline County
  • Dalton Boys and Girls Club
  • Hamilton Boys and Girls Club
  • McGehee Boys and Girls Club
  • North Little Rock Boys and Girls Club
  • Penick Boys and Girls Club
  • Rose City Boys and Girls Club
  • Thrasher Boys and Girls Club

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Backpacks For Kids

Backpacks for Kids provides underserved children with food for the weekends and school holidays. At the end of each week children involved in the program pick up a backpack of food to take home. The backpacks are inconspicuous and previously prepared by volunteers. They are filled with nutritious, child-friendly items that are easy for young ones to prepare.

The Arkansas Foodbank operates 10 "Backpacks for Kids" sites, and is able to provide backpaks to more than 1,000 children each month, a total of more than 4,000 meals.

Many of the backpacks are prepared by volunteers at Arkansas Foodbank Network partner agencies. For example, The Church at Rock Creek Supplies more than 500 backpacks to students in the Little Rock and North Little Rock School District.

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Rural Delivery Program

Access to the Arkansas Foodbank Network from isolated, rural locales, especially in the Delta, is sometimes challenging. Food pantries and other organizations located in some of Arkansas' most impoverished areas have a hard time getting to the warehouse to pick up food. Therefore, the Arkansas Foodbank Network truck delivers food on a monthly basis so that the agencies in these areas have food to distribute to hungry Arkansans. Deliveries are made each month to eleven sites including Pine Bluff, Warren, Marianna, Prairie County, Clarendon, Helena and Van Buren County.

For more information, contact Connie Bledsoe at (501) 565-8121, ext. 14 or

Fresh Produce Initiative

Fresh produce is becoming harder for those in need to obtain. Purchasing fresh foods is not cost effective for food service organizations and prices in the grocery store are rising significantly. These factors cause impoverished people to eat less expensive and less healthy foods.

The Arkansas Foodbank Network has made it a priority to get donated truckloads of fresh produce including sweet potatoes, corn, apples, oranges, cantaloupe and more. These truckloads are available to the Foodbank's 33-county service area as a healthy alternative.

For more information, contact Connie Bledsoe at (501) 565-8121, ext. 14 or

Senior Supplement

The Arkansas Foodbank Network, in partnership with CareLink (Central Arkansas Area Agency on Aging), sponsors the Senior Supplement program to help seniors in central Arkansas who struggle to stretch their Social Security income to pay rent, utilities, medicine and food. This program provides 55 seniors with a monthly box of groceries to help with the burden of expenses. Volunteers pack the boxes at the Foodbank warehouse. The boxes are distributed by volunteers at CareLink and the Visiting Nurses Association on the third Saturday of each month. Recipients are selected by CareLink and the Visiting Nurses Association.

To find out more about the Senior Supplement Program, contact Pamela Bailey at (501) 565-8121, ext. 17 or

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